The building

Antoniou McCollum & Co. is housed in a building listed as an ancient monument by the Antiquities Department of the Republic of Cyprus.

By some estimates, the building dates from the fourteenth or fifteenth century and presents unique architectural features. 

According to some records, the building was the residence of the last provveditore (general) of Venice in Cyprus. 

The building is about 204 sq. meters. The ground floor is built of the typical Cyprus sandstone and dates from the Venetian period, while the second floor was added during the Ottoman period (1738) and is made of mudbrick and dolmas.

The building is regarded as one of the oldest in Nicosia and was first declared an antiquities monument by George Jeffrey (British colonial administrator for antiquities) in 1903. 

Our office is located on 4 Adamantiou Korai Street, in the Walled City of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.

Historical records

The traveller Richard Pococke, who arrived in Nicosia in 1738, wrote about the building:

“There is a most beautiful Corinthian door-case of a house, which they say belonged to the Venetian General.”

Camille Enlart, the French archaeologist and art historian, on the building:

“…it has a marble plaque above it bearing a cross and the date 1738. It is not impossible it could be of that date. Nevertheless, it presents two pointed arches framed by a hoodmould with torus and fillet supported on well-designed Gothic brackets that one would be tempted to date to the fourteenth or fifteenth century.”

Source: Costas & Rita Severis Foundation / Centre Visual Arts & Research

To the left is an illustration of the building’s entrance by Camille Enlart.

Adamantiou Korai Street

Adamantiou Korai Street leads from the Archbishop’s Palace to the old walls of Nicosia.

It begins with the Severis Library and ends where the Silictar aqueduct and the Statue of Liberation are.

It is the widest street within the walled city of Nicosia, in the centre of the cultural triangle (Omerye-Famagusta Gate-Chrysaliniotissa).

To the right, a map of the medieval walls of Nicosia, by Kevok Keshishian.
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