Loans & Secured Financing 2024 – Cyprus chapter

We are delighted to have authored the Cyprus chapter for Lexology’s Loans & Secured Financing guide.

The guide provides quick reference on general issues (bank loans versus debt securities; common forms of bank loan facility; bridge facilities; role of agents, trustees and lenders; governing laws); regulation (capital, liquidity and disclosure requirements; use of loan proceeds; cross-border lending; interest rate and currency restrictions); security interests and guarantees; the impact of fraudulent conveyance and similar doctrines on the structure of bank loan financings; intercreditor matters; loan terms and structures; and recent trends.

You can download the entire chapter here:

2024 Loans & Secured Financing – Cyprus

Our Anastasios A Antoniou, Irena Zannetti and Laura Nikita have authored this year’s contribution.

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